Un-Valentine's Day Party

Last Wednesday, an insane amount of teens (OK, really 36) showed up for our after-school Un-Valentine's Day party.  This event was supposed to be last year, but got snowed out and we weren't able to do it until now!  We defaced candy hearts, watched the Monty Python "Crunchy Frog" sketch and invented gross chocolates, made Valentine's Day survival kits, had a read-aloud of "Annabel Lee," and did the infamous candy heart catapult competition.

Actually, the catapults were not very successful this year.  I hope no one's planning to be an architect or engineer!  There were some unique designs, so at least you're experimental.  Amidst the fails, the green team was victorious with only two points!  They won packs of gum for their efforts.

The gross chocolate names were pretty awesome.  Kelliann won a Cruella de Vil mug of candy and hot chocolate for having the most consistenly creatively gross selections.  Caramel-covered leather, spiced ants, saliva ripples, pig pralines, and chocolate-covered pre-chewed cherries were just a few of her suggestions.  My favorite gross candy was actually from Genni, who invented chocolate-covered weave.

They may look cute, but they are actually cynically defacing candy hearts.   

One catapult team discusses their options. 

 Another catapult team at work.

Fire away! 

Some candy heart graffiti.

Want a blast from the past?  Check out these posts from our previous Un-Valentine's Day events in 2008 and 2006! 

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