Craft Closet Cleanout

Last Wednesday, 14 teens dropped in for our spring Craft Closet Cleanout. Everyone wanted to make button jewelry, whether they missed the original event or not! I had enough supplies for everyone to do a bracelet, and most people got to make earrings as well. People also made crafts from older events, like Toolbox Jewelry, Princess Diaries Party, and Crafts for Your Hair. I have so many random leftover crafts that we need to do this more often! However, the next CCC isn't scheduled until the end of the summer.

Most people were concentrating on their projects...at least while I took the picture...


Newest of the New Books

I just used part of my bookstore budget to spruce up the teen collection with replacement copies and series books. Here are the newest additions:


  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith
  • Eighth Grade Bites by Heather Brewer (The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series)
  • Smack by Melvin Burgess
  • Ninth Key by Meg Cabot (Mediator series)
  • The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot
  • Reunion by Meg Cabot (Mediator series)
  • Teen Idol by Meg Cabot
  • Black Water by D. J. MacHale (Pendragon series)
  • The Pilgrims of Rayne by D. J. MacHale (Pendragon series)
  • The Quillan Games by D. J. MacHale (Pendragon series)
  • Raven Rise by D. J. MacHale (Pendragon series)
  • The Rivers of Zadaa by D. J. MacHale (Pendragon series)
  • Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr
  • Deal With It by Monica McKayhan (Kimani Tru)
  • Trouble Follows by Monica McKayhan (Kimani Tru)
  • l8r, g8r by Lauren Myracle
  • ttyl by Lauren Myracle
  • The Sorceress by Michael Scott (Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series)
  • Keysha's Drama by Earl Sewell (Kimani Tru)
  • Cirque du Freak: A Living Nightmare, The Vampire's Assistant, Tunnels of Blood by Darren Shan
  • Vampire Mountain by Darren Shan (Cirque du Freak series)
  • A Girl Like Me by Ni-Ni Simone
  • Night World #3: Huntress, Black Dawn, Witchlight by L. J. Smith
  • Red Is for Remembrance by Laurie Faria Stolarz
  • Street Pharm by Allison van Diepen
  • Vampire Knight, volumes 1-4, by Matsuri Hino
  • Naruto, volumes 39-44, by Masashi Kishimoto


Awards Assembly

Last night, I went to Senior Awards Night at Upper Darby High School. With so many members of our groups like Teen Advisory Board (TAB), Book Grub, and Gaming Club graduating from UD this year, it was a great excuse to attend!

I practically jumped out of my chair when Arwa E. (TAB) won the prestigious Mendenhall Tyson award, along with Nitha S. (Book Grub). In the past, three library employees' children have won that award, and I am as proud of the library teens as those moms were of their own kids. Koumudi N. (TAB) won an NHS National Scholarship and the Upper Darby Union Sunday School Scholarship. Her family sat by me, so it was extra exciting to clap for her! Meg G. (TAB) won a memorial scholarship and was recognized for being a National Merit Scholarship Finalist. I was so happy to see our library teens have such a high level of success. The people around me were very curious as to what my connection was to the girls!

Other teens I know from the library who received awards were David J., Alan S., Tariq F., Jatinder K., Noor A., Jurgen K., Kristy G., and Maher Z. It was amazing to see everyone all grown up and ready to go off to college and real life! I enjoyed talking to all the library teens and their parents, too.



I learned today that if you type the phrase the answer to life, the universe, and everything in to the Google search engine (no quotes), then the first thing that pops up in the results list is the Google calculator saying "42." Ha! Also, while reading more about the Google thing, I discovered that May 25 is Towel Day, so bring yours out and about with you!!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams.


Last Two Spring Programs

You can still register for the last two spring programs, so call today and get your name on the list!

Soul Dance Teens
Wednesday, May 20, 3:30 to 4:30
Enjoy R & B music and learn basic dance steps and patterns for the latest craze: soul line dancing. A professional instructor will present this class, so you know you will learn some great dance moves!

Craft Closet Cleanout
Wednesday, May 27, 3:30 to 5:00
After all the craft projects we’ve done, there are tons of leftovers. Come make something you missed, or create something totally new.

Summer Fruit Blog Poll

For the past two weeks, the blog poll has asked readers to select their favorite summer fruit. I love the variety of fresh fruit in the summer, so it was hard to choose! (You could actually vote for more than one, which made it easier.) Out of 38 people, the winner was strawberries with 15 votes.

strawberries--15 (39%)
nectarines--3 (7%)
watermelon--10 (26%)
blackberries--7 (18%)
plums--2 (5%)
cantaloupe--6 (15%)
raspberries--4 (10%)
cherries--8 (21%)
peaches--5 (13%)
honeydew--4 (10%)
blueberries--4 (10%)
I don't like any of these fruits.--1 (2%)


Bookshelf Explosion

I have been reviewing some books from the county office, which means we get to keep them! There are also some more new purchases on the shelves. Here's what we have gotten:


  • No Such Thing as the Real World: Stories about Growing Up and Getting a Life (short stories)
  • The Explosionist by Jenny Davidson
  • Top 8 by Katie Finn
  • A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn
  • Need by Carrie Jones
  • The Soldiers of Halla by D. J. Machale (Pendragon series)
  • My Fair Godmother by Janette Rallison
  • Royal Blood by Ellen Schreiber (Vampire Kisses series)
  • Radiant Darkness by Emily Whitman
  • Dragon Road by Laurence Yep


  • Denied, Detained, Deported: Stories from the Dark Side of American Immigration by Ann Bausum
  • The Student Athlete's Guide to Getting Recruited: How to Win Scholarships, Attract Colleges, and Excel as an Athlete by Stewart Brown
  • Girls Rock: How to Get Your Group Together and Make Some Noise by Robyn Goodmark
  • 1968 by Michael T. Kaufman


YouTube Strikes Again

Yesterday, 16 teens showed up for our second YouTube party! (Here's the post about our first one.) This time is was a little better organized and a lot more streamlined. Everyone signed in with their name, video, and category as they came in, so we didn't waste time calling on people, debating which video to show, etc.

Everyone assigned their video one of three categories: Humor, Music/Animation, and Other. We had just enough time for everyone to show one video and to vote on the winners at the end. Christine won in the Humor category for the Twilight Trailer Spoof (made even more hilarious by the fact that someone had shown the real trailer earlier in the program), Nikki won in the Music/Animation category for Draw with Me, and Karthika won in the Other category for a video of her and her friends doing a Bollywood-inspired dance on New Year's Eve. They all got candy, and Nikki also received a $10 gift card to McDonald's for being voted the overall winner. I also gave candy to DeSean, who showed an animation that he put together, and to Nitha, who appeared in the video shown by Karthika! (I figured bravery should earn some candy.)

And for all of you who complain that you haven't seen Kara all year...she showed up yesterday afternoon and stayed for the program! It was supercool. Her classes are done, so hopefully we'll be seeing more of her.


New African-American Fiction

We just got a bunch of new and replacement copies of African-American teen fiction, so come in and check them out!
  • Chasing Romeo by A. J. Byrd (Kimani Tru)
  • November Blues by Sharon Draper
  • Dirty Jersey by Phillip Thomas Duck (Kimani Tru)
  • Money Hungry by Sharon G. Flake
  • Belle by Beverly Jenkins (Kimani Tru)
  • Josephine by Beverly Jenkins (Kimani Tru)
  • Indigo Summer by Monica McKayhan (Kimani Tru)
  • Jaded by Monica McKayhan (Kimani Tru)
  • Fast Forward by Celeste O. Norfleet (Kimani Tru)
  • How to Salsa in a Sari by Dona Sarkar (Kimani Tru)
  • A Matter of Trust by Anne E. Schraff (Bluford series)
  • Lesson Learned by Earl Sewell (Kimani Tru)
  • The Pledge by Chandra Sparks Taylor (Kimani Tru)


Cute as a Button!

Last Wednesday, 16 girls came to our button jewelry program. We made button ribbon choker necklaces, stretchy button bracelets, and stacked button earrings. We didn't even get to try some of the ring ideas I found, so there's definitely going to be another program. Meanwhile, come to Craft Closet Cleanout on Wednesday, May 27, from 3:30 to 5:00, to make more button jewelry and lots of other things!


Bookshelf Bonanza

Yes, that means more new books in the teen area. Here's what we've gotten most recently:


  • Shield of Stars by Hilari Bell (The Shield, Sword, and Crown series)
  • Sword of Waters by Hilari Bell (The Shield, Sword, and Crown series)
  • Selkie Girl by Laurie Brooks
  • A La Carte by Tanita S. Davis
  • Adventurous Deeds of Deadwood Jones by Helen Hemphill
  • Voss: How I Came to America and Am Hero, Mostly by David Ives
  • Things Change by Patrick Jones
  • The Juvie Three by Gordon Korman
  • Melting Stones by Tamora Pierce (Circle Reforged series)
  • Here Lies Arthur by Philip Reeve
  • Heroes of the Valley by Jonathan Stroud
  • Probably Still Nick Swansen by Virginia Euwer Wolff
  • Dragon's Heart by Jane Yolen (Pit Dragon Chronicles series)


  • War Is: Soldiers, Survivors, and Storytellers Talk about War edited by Marc Aronson and Patty Campbell


  • The Good Neighbors by Holly Black


Outdoor Activities Blog Poll

For the past two weeks, the blog poll has asked readers to select their favorite outdoor activities. People were allowed to select more than one answer, and 26 people voted on the poll. Walking/running and playing a team sport tied for first place with 12 votes each, while swimming was a close second with 10 votes. Here are the complete results:

playing a team sport--12 (46%)
hiking--9 (34%)
grilling--5 (19%)
skateboarding/rollerblading--2 (7%)
camping--4 (15%)
walking/running--12 (46%)
fishing--3 (11%)
suntanning--5 (19%)
biking--6 (23%)
boating--4 (15%)
gardening--4 (15%)
swimming--10 (38%)



Last Wednesday, 16 teens came out to enjoy friendly DDR competition. We did free play for a while, then had a mini-tournament. Jamie beat David in the final round to win the usual $10 gift card to GameStop. Thanks to Jamie for bringing the game and to David for bringing an additional mat. DDR is always fun, and we will definitely do it a few times over the summer!