Random-A-Thon, 2011 Edition!

On Saturday, 31 teens showed up for our second annual Random-A-Thon fundraiser!  Everyon had to raise at least $10 in donations, then attended the event for as long as they wanted.  Most people stayed for several hours, and thirteen people were there all day!  We had a general outline of activities planned, but (of course) it was adaptable.  There were three or four things going on at once all day long and it was crazy. 

In the morning, we watched people's VHS tapes of their favorite cartoons, played board and card games, did bookswap, had a Connect Four tournament (David won), and played Dance Dance Revolution.  We took a lunch break with cup noodles, PB&J (or fluff), carrots and celery with dip, chips, and snack cakes.  (Special thanks to Laurel for making a random pie and to Maranda for randomly running home to get something to cut it!)  In the afternoon, we played WarioWare:  Smooth Moves, Just Dance, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and various editions of Rock Band.  There were also crafts, more board and card games, and an ice cream sundae break. 

Interspersed among all of that were activities from the Jar of Randomness.  We did everything from dancing the YMCA to all wearing peace sign necklaces to singing TV show theme songs to coloring pictures made from library teen photos!  Some of the activities earned people prizes from the Prize Box of Randomness, which was hilarious.  I filled a paper box with an assortment of stuff and people had to just reach in blindly and grab a prize.  The only rule was that they had to keep what they got, which made for some pretty funny combinations of people and prizes!

So far, we have raised $761 in cash and checks, with about $200 more in pledges due.  This puts us VERY CLOSE to the $1000 goal!  If we reach the goal, I will be putting colored streaks in my hair.  People got a vote on the color for every ten dollars they raised.   Right now, blue is in the lead, but not by much.  Other people still have to vote when they turn in their money, so that might change.  In addition to the money raised by teens, we've had a few anonymous donations from my coworkers.  They want to see me dye my hair as much as you do!!  All donations are due by March 12, so I'll update you as the money comes in.

Want to know more about the Random-A-Thon?  Check out the posts from last year's event!

Playing cards

 Connect Four tournament

Duct tape crafts included a woven wallet, a ninja animal pencil case, and a crown.

I found some random masks in the attic for the girls to decoupage.

People showing off their random crafts:  duct tape projects, a giant flip flop, and library photo coloring sheets!


Gretchen said...

as of now, we've got $852, with three people still owing me money. will we make it...!?!?!?

Gretchen said...

one more turned it in, so we're up to $917!