More new graphic novels!

Continuing from last week, here's more of the new graphic novels that have been added to the teen collection! You can click the link in the descriptions to go to the library listing of the book if you'd like to put a hold on it!

When Roxas disappeared, Sora awakened from his deep slumber along with his allies, Donald and Goofy. Now the trio continues their mission to save the worlds from the forces of darkness and to find King Mickey and Sora's best friend Riku. But this time a new menace to the peace of Kingdom Hearts bears down on Sora and his friends--the Nobodies and Organization XIII.


New titles!!

There are going to be lots of additions in the coming weeks, so let's get started on what's new at the library! Also, I'm changing up the format here to give a little more information on each title. In addition to the title and author, each entry will have a book cover, and a link to the library copy on our website! Let me know what you think of the changes!


In 1891, in a world transformed by 1799's Great Disruption--when all of the continents were flung into different time periods--thirteen-year-old Sophia Tims and her friend Theo go in search of Sophia's uncle, Shadrack Elli, Boston's foremost cartologer, who has been kidnapped.


Pics from our Shrinky Dinks art @ Municipal!

Yesterday we had 13 teen show up to make Shrinky Dink art! While Shrinky Dinks seem to be making a comeback, there are still a lot of people who don't know what they are. They're a thin, papery-like plastic that you can draw and color on, that when baked become about 50% smaller and get thicker and harder, like a plastic charm. Some people traced over pictures I'd brought in, others traced over drawings that they had made, and others just drew freehand! Below are some of the results!


It's Computer Science Education Week!

This week is Computer Science Education Week! Challenge yourself at some point this week to write an Hour of Code, even if you've never done it before! I'll be posting some links to stuff for beginners to try their hand at coding, so check back soon! If you do any coding this week, tell us about it!

Code.org has lots of great tutorials for beginners looking to try their hand at coding! The link below lets you create a Flappy Bird clone! This lets you move simple blocks of code around to change how the game plays on the fly over ten different steps. You can eventually change things like speed, sound effects, graphics and the score system, then share it online! A great challenge for beginners! (The site is getting slammed right now though, so you may need to reload a couple times!)

Below is another challenge for the Hour of Code! This one uses the same snap together blocks of code that the Flappy Bird clone does, but in this challenge you made designs in ice by directing Elsa and Anna from Frozen.This is another challenge aimed at beginners. Once again, the code.org site is still getting slammed so loading may take a while right now!

"Gotta Code 'em All" uses a C++ like environment to introduce users to functions, variables and integers as they make changes to a Pokemon-like battle system! Then you run the program in a virtual iPhone!


Some pics of our Perler Bead creations!

We had fun yesterday making stuff out of Perler Beads, and while I didn't get pictures of all of them, I did try to get as many as I could in between ironing other people's creations! Special thanks to everyone that chipped in to help finish my Christmas Mario when I became too busy with the iron to work on it!