New books to check out!


No Parking at the End of Times by Bryan Bliss
Abigail's parents, believing the end of the world is near, sell their house, give the money to an end-of-times preacher, and drive from North Carolina to San Francisco where they remain homeless and destitute, as Abigail fights to keep her parents, her twin brother, and herself united against all odds.


Retro Game Day @ Municipal!

Last Tuesday we had 12 teens show up and play some old, old, (very old) video games! I brought in a bunch of stuff from my personal collection, including an Atari 7800, an NES, SNES and N64 with a selection of about 10 games each. I think one of the biggest hits of the event would have to be Duck Hunt on the NES! Something about how easy that game is to pick up and play, and how immediate the game play is, make it really attractive to anybody I think. Just pick up the Zapper, aim and shoot! Next up would probably be Contra (with the 30 guy code of course!).

Two hours went by really quickly! It was so great to see so many teens try out these gaming consoles from before they were even born, and even better, having a good time with their friends! Oh, and below I have some pictures from the event, but in keeping with the spirit of retro gaming, I took all the photos on my Game Boy Camera, which was a device you plugged in to the original black and white Game Boy!