Book Review: If You Could Be Mine

If You Could Be Mine by Sara Farizan

Review by Elena Nasto

If You Could Be Mine is a unique story centered around the strict society in Iran. Both religion and tradition are the foundation of several rules enforced which limit how citizens are allowed to wear, act, and express themselves. For example, all women must be covered up and wearing a hijab or full body outfit as part of their religion. Moreover, certain acts such as public affection are greatly prohibited. Those who are caught disobeying these laws are subject to getting arrested and most likely physically abused by the police. The main character, Sahar, is going through a bad time in her life because she is in love with her best friend Nasrin, who is a girl. Because girl relationships are illegal, they risk keeping their relationship a secret. However, when Nasrin is set up to marry a handsome and wealthy man, Sahar is heartbroken. The story tells the entire journey the girls go through trying to stay together in a place where they simply do not belong.

In my opinion, I thought this book was a shocking burst of reality. While reading it, I truly realized that there are many places in the world that do not have many of the freedoms such as in America. As a result, people have to suffer and keep secret while they try to somehow to live a normal life. The story was especially compelling to read because the characters are adolescents and are making huge decisions that will affect the rest of their lives. I definitely recommend this book to everyone because it is something that everyone should be aware of, regardless if you do not support gay rights. It is surprisingly different from other stories in that it does not present a perfect ending but rather the truth about what happens in the world today.


Sellers Library Teens Tumblr page

There is now yet another way to follow the goings on at Sellers Library, as I've started up a Tumblr page:
In addition to postings of events and things going on at Sellers Library, I'll probably be doing plenty of reposting of other library and book-related awesome stuff. Follow the new Tumblr page, and feel free to comment on what I could do to make it awesomer (that's totally a word, spellcheck).


Sellers teens making the world better!

This is just a post to say congratulations to Genni Naklicki, a member of our own Teen Advisory Board,  for her help in turning an empty patch of land by the side of the road into a 4,650 square foot garden! She was interviewed in the Daily Times (link here), the online version of which includes a video. This was really inspiring to see, and it's great to see people helping out the community! Good work Genni!


Free Comic Book Day and TAB Bake Sale!

Saturday was a busy day for Sellers Library! We had Truck Day going on for the kids, which meant that outside there were all kinds of trucks (fire trucks, police cars, construction vehicles) parked everywhere. There was also a used book sale going on outside. In addition to that, it was the first Saturday in May, which meant it was Free Comic Book Day at many comic stores around the country. More and more libraries are getting in on FCBD each year, and this year we celebrated by having a selection of free comic books and a double feature of comic book movies. Patrons were allowed to take two comics each from the selection, then grab some snacks and relax to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World followed by The Amazing Spider-Man. 13 teens showed up for the comics and movies, and I believe all but 1 stayed for both!

As if that wasn't enough activity for one library, the Teen Advisory Board was also running a bake sale in the lobby during the afternoon! In addition to raising money for the teen programs and supplies at the library, a portion of the money raised by the bake sale also went to help the family of a friend in the TAB, whose family is dealing with the aftermath of a house fire. Altogether the TAB raised $138 in the bake sale, which is awesome!

The comic selection, shortly before being picked through.