Book Review: Another Whole Nother Story

Another Whole Nother Story by Dr. Cuthbert Soup
Review by Saranjeet
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Another Whole Nother Story is very well written, and the way the book opens its story immediatley captures the reader's interest.  I also think it was very well thought on, how the setting takes place in the year 1668 but the characters have the sense and education of the 21st century.

The obstacles that Ethan Cheeseman meets would probably make you jump on your feet.  The most detailed and vivid obstacle was when the Cheeseman family was on the ship.  It makes this part of the story very tense.  Also, the conflict in this story seemed very simple, but hard to accomplish.  If there was a bit more detail about how Ethan Cheeseman want to bring his wife back, I feel it would have made the story more comprehendable to me.  But, I did love how Ethan and his children change at the end.

The two characters Professor Boxley and Gateman were a great twist to this story.  I believe these two characters wer portrayed more as comedians than as villains.  Lastly, I loved the one of two pages of the "A Little Advice".  I think this tried to reach out to the readers and helped me understand the story much better.  This book is a sequel to A Whole Nother Story, so you should probably read that one first!

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