Book Crush

Last night, 11 teen showed up for our rescheduled Book Crush party.  It wasn't as many people as we would have had on the original night, but we had a great time!  We played "How Well Do You Know Your Book Crush" and book character bingo, ate candy, and did a really random decoupage craft.  It sounds weird, but everyone decoupaged several smooth rocks with hearts, tissue paper, and book character names.  They're great for paperweights or decorations.  It was really popular and took up more time than I thought, so we didn't get to play Marry, Date, Dump.  We'll do that at our next Book Grub meeting!  We also had a cupcake-decorating contest with a book crush theme.  Check out our pictures: 

These girls came dressed as Audrey from Audrey, Wait! and Jackie from Bloody Jack.

Teferi's cupcake represented Alice from The Twilight Saga.

Christa's cupcake used gummy bears to reinact the death scene from Romeo and Juliet!

Laurel made Russia from Hetalia.

Some high schoolers in height order!

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