Sellers Library Teen Blog Policy

Since the comment problem from a few months ago has stopped, I am allowing anonymous comments on the blog again. Just so we're all clear, here are the official rules of the blog!

  • This blog exists to promote library activities and materials for students in grades six to twelve.
  • Items posted generally include book reviews, lists of new books, links to book and author websites, teen event schedules, and teen event reports.
  • Pictures of events may be posted, if available.
  • Other topics may be included, including pop culture discussions, links to fun websites, and blog poll results, at the discretion of the blog administrator (Gretchen Ipock, Young Adult Librarian).


  • Comments are open to anyone, even without a Blogger username and password. Users do need to type in a security code (shown on the page) to post a comment.
  • Comments should be related to the post on which they are made.
  • All comments are screened by the blog administrator.
  • Inappropriate comments will be deleted from the blog. This may include factors like aggressive or confrontational language, use of foul words, or comment spam.
  • The administrator reserves the right to change the comment policy if inappropriate comments persist. The administrator may moderate comments, disallow comments, require users to login to Blogger, or limit comments to blog contributors.


  • Members of the Teen Advisory Board and others who frequently attend teen events may ask to become blog contributors. These members are allowed to create blog entries, not just add comments.
  • Contact Gretchen Ipock at yaservices@udlibraries.org if you want to be a contributor.