New Teen Room Policy

Starting April 29, no bags, backpacks, or large purses will be allowed in the teen section at Sellers.  I am sorry to have to make this rule, but too many of our materials are being stolen.  We have lost all kinds of things, from manga to vampire books to series fiction, so it's a big problem.  If your bag contains valuables, you may leave it at the desk while you browse for books. 

I apologize to everyone in advance for having to make this change, because I know the large majority of you would never even think about taking a book from our shelves without checking it out.  Thanks for your cooperation!  Hopefully, this will mean that good materials stay on the shelves for everyone to enjoy.


David J. said...

I guess this includes the group of people who wait before Gaming Club begins as well, yeah?

Gretchen said...

yup. everyone.