Book Review: Gilda Joyce - The Bones of the Holy

The Bones of the Holy by Jennifer Allison (Gilda Joyce series)

**This book will be released on 6/9/11.**

This week, amidst the craziness, I read the galley version of Gilda Joyce - The Bones of the Holy. It has to be the most thrilling - and creepy - out of all five of Gilda's investigations. The main plot line (a summary from the back) is that Mrs. Joyce is being remarried to a man by the name of Eugene Pook - whose personality matches his name. Mr. Pook, an antiques shop owner, has a very shady past. His ex-fiance left him to supposedly go to Europe. But is she really there or is Eugene hiding a dark secret?

In the chilling setting of St. Augustine, Florida, there are plenty of ghosts. Jennifer Allison uses a lot of things from history too, from mentions of the KKK to histories of families and early settlings dating back to the 1500s! Combining American history, which can be very boring, and Gilda's spunky attitude, this book is a winner! I can't wait to read it again in June!


Maddz said...

Where'd you get the galley? I must have :D
♥ Gilda Joyce books!


Emma said...

Well, Maddz, the copy I got was sent to me from the publisher. Jennifer Allison read the review I wrote on the Sellers Library Teens blog and asked if I would like to review it. You can send her an email and she might send you one! I'll warn you though - it is extremely hard to get a reply. I had sent her one a LONG time ago and never got a reply. The first time I talked to her was about the books.

And I LUV them too!

Jennifer Allison said...

Emma -- thanks so much for your great review! (And truly sorry it took me so long to get back to you the first time around. :( I get a lot of emails, and sometimes things slip through the cracks.) Maddz, if you send me an email with your address and a note about where you would like to post your review, I'll be happy to make sure you get an advance copy.
Jennifer Allison (author of GILDA JOYCE: THE BONES OF THE HOLY)

Emma said...