Book Review: Sapphique

Sapphique by Catherine Fisher
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OPINION:  Sapphique is the new sequel to one of my favorite recent reads, Incarceron.  I knew Incarceron would be hard to beat, but I was especially hopeful when I read that the author was not planning to make the books into a trilogy.  The point of view in this book constantly switches back and forth between the prison (Incarceron) and the Realm outside, which can be a little annoying when you want to get to the good parts, but definitely keeps the story moving.  I found the Realm fascinating from the first book, with its use of technology to enforce an idealized view of the past, and was pleased to learn more about its workings in this sequel.  Although Sapphique is generally a battle between good and evil, there is some intriguingly ambiguous behavior from characters like Keiro, Jared, and Rix that blur the lines and add layers of complexity.  To understand Sapphique, you really need to read Incarceron first because the prison becomes more of a character in this story.  Incarceron's increasing self-awareness and power catalyze many twists in the plot, leading up to an explosive, transformational ending.  I would definitely recommend Incarceron and Sapphique for fantasy and sci-fi readers who want to lose themselves in an engaging imaginary world!

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