Gaming Club levels up with Wii U!

I'm excited to announce that Sellers Library now has a Wii U! Starting with today's gaming club, we'll have the Wii U hooked up to our big screen projector. Right now we have a copy of the multiplayer title Nintendo Land, which has minigames for up to 5 players. We'll of course be adding games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros to our lineup when they come out. If you're signed up for gaming club at Sellers, come in and try out the new system today!


UD Libraries Minecraft Teens server is up and running!

Attention Minecraft fans! The Upper Darby Libraries have just started up a Minecraft server! If you have the PC edition of Minecraft and you're in grades 6 to 12, you are welcome to join! All you need to do is sign a paper saying you've read the rules, and give us your name to whitelist you in. After that you can can log in anytime by selecting "multiplayer" in Minecraft and going to this address:

Right now it's looking a bit empty, with just a lobby and a few portals leading to the main survival world and to a world used for taking resources. Hopefully we can get a nice community going on shortly! If you want more information, the UD Libraries website has a page about the server at udlibraries.org/teen/minecraft, or you can email me if you have questions!

the UD Libraries lobby

Frozen sing-along at Sellers Library!

On Friday April 11 we had a movie night at the library! 18 teens showed up to watch Frozen, the new animated movie from Disney. We played the movie with the subtitles on so that we could sing along with the movie. There were snowman building kits made from pretzel sticks, orange slices chocolate chips and different sized marshmallows, held together with some vanilla frosting! I'd also come across some tiny bottles of bubbles and invited people to blow them during the song "Let It Go", or just anytime they wanted!  I'd seen Frozen once before, but I think watching it like this with a large crowd made for a way better experience! If you missed this movie night, our next one will be May 30th from 5:00 to 8:00 when we'll be watching Catching Fire!


Table Top Gaming @ Sellers Library

Last week we had 11 teens show up to play various table top games, from classics like Connect 4 and Uno (and seriously, I'd never seen an Uno game go on as long as this one did!) to newer stuff like Castle Panic and Zombie Dice. I played Castle Panic with a small group, and while we made it quite far, our castle was eventually destroyed by the incoming horde of monsters. I think next time we'll try playing on the "less panic" rule set, our castle has been destroyed so many times! One new addition to the gaming lineup was "Life of George", a Lego game that's an iPad/real world hybrid game. You're given an image to build, then when you've built it you use the iPad camera and the game grades you on how close you came and how fast you built it. 1 to 4 players can play!

I'm often asked about when the next table top event will be, so I'm thinking that starting shortly we'll be making table top a regular monthly event. I'll have more on this soon, so be sure to check back!

Our selection of games!

Castle Panic and Connect 4 craziness!

Right as the Jenga tower fell!

They wanted to do a posed one too.