Summer 2017 schedule of events at Sellers Library!

Summer is almost here already! And since the program schedule is being printed out right now, I wanted to put it up here so everyone can easily get a quick look at what's going to be happening this Summer at Upper Darby Sellers Libraries. Summer Reading! Comic making! Video gaming! We've got lots of different stuff happening, so make sure that when the time comes to register for the programs you're on the list! See you this Summer at the library!

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Retro Game Day at Sellers Library!

Last Wednesday we had 10 teens show up to play gaming consoles from long ago! There was an Atari, NES, SNES and an N64 each with a couple of multiplayer games to choose from! The Nintendo 64 proved to be the most popular, which makes sense since it allowed for 4-player gaming. Bomberman 64 and Mario Kart 64 were big hits (a couple people asked me if I had the N64 Smash Bros, but sadly I sold it when Smash Bros, Melee came out, d'oh!).

I'm looking forward to doing another Retro Game Day real soon, and hopefully we'll add some new elements to it. Maybe add Super Mario Maker to the lineup? Bring in a Raspberry Pi with retro games on it? Or maybe do some kind of retro game tournament. Retro gaming opens up a lot of different possibilities, and the teens know that fun games transcend time!


Scratch Game Programming!

Late July and early August we had a small group of teens show up for some game programming using Scratch, and easy to use programming environment that lets you snap together blocks of code similar to Legos. Attendance may have been small, particularly for the second and third sessions, but the teens worked hard and were proud of what they'd made, so I still call that a success!

We started out by introducing the concept of code blocks with some simple examples from Code.org. In them, you're tasked with guiding a zombie from Plants Vs Zombies to a sunflower by placing the correct code blocks down. It's a fun little exercise that gets more challenging with each level, and tasks you to use the fewest code blocks possible to solve it. The teens caught on really quickly, and were having a good time with them too! You can try them out for yourself at the link below:

Two of the finished games are embedded after the break!


Playing catch-up on the blog!

Hi there! Boy it's been a while since there's been anything posted here. Please allow me to get down on my claws and do the apology dance:

So it's left, left, right....
Anyhow! Balancing social media can sometimes be tricky, and I've gotta say that Instagram has lately become my posting of choice. So while I haven't been busy on here, I've still be chronicling what has been going on with teen programs at the library. For anyone that's not following yet, here's the address to the Sellers Library Teens Instagram page:

I'll be posting here for the next couple of days trying to catch up on all the goings-on since my last post. Shortly after the Star Wars Day event, the children's library closed down for a month for renovations. The place opened looking better than it's ever looked with a fresh coat of paint, new windows, doors, etc.

The library looks weird all empty!
new paint!
our awesome old door got replaced, sadly!
details of the re-opened library


May the 4th Be With You!

May the 4th, also known as Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you) landed on a Wednesday this year, and Wednesdays tend to be our teen programming days. So of course we had to celebrate. We had 11 teens show up to do some trivia using Kahoot and make some lightsabers out of pool noodles and duct tape. We had a hyperspace challenge where you had to make a paper airplane and fly it through three hula hoops suspended from the ceiling (there are some really good paper airplane makers out there, and they are definitely not me). We had a target game where you had to fire a torpedo (or actually a nerf dart gun) at the small exhaust port in the Death Star (which I apparently made a bit too difficult! Sorry!) Of course the John Williams soundtrack accompanied the event! Thank to everyone that came out and gave me a reason to geek out about Star Wars in the library!