Nintendo Night

Last Friday, 32 teens came to our end-of-the-school-year Nintendo Night program.  We did two tournaments, plus had out my original NES.  Thanks to the teens who participated in the Random-A-Thon fundraiser, we had great prizes for the winners and soda for everyone.  Thanks also to David J., who added his Wii and controllers to the event.  We got through the tournaments in record time and actually had time for free play on both machines.  Amazing!

This time, the Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament was with teams rather than a four-player free-for-all.  So, people picked their teammate, then I randomly pitted them against each other.  It worked very well (although I was really hoping to see more of the Gaming Club members matched up in the first round!), and I'd definitely do it that way again.  The final match was between Morgan/Le and Conor/Ranier, with Morgan and Le emerging victorious!  They each got a $20 gift card to Game Stop.  All of the top four teams got candy for their efforts, which included Morgan/Le, Conor/Ranier, Tommy/James, and John E./David J.

Also, in our continuing efforts to change things up, we tried a Naruto Shippuden III tournament on the Wii.  This game has been popular at our weekly Gaming Club meetings.  Only 11 teens entered, which made me have to mess with the brackets a little.  We ended up with a three-way round-robin final among Dennis, Khalil, and David F.  Dennis was the winner, earning a $10 gift card to Game Stop.  All three of the finalists also got candy. 

We are not doing any tournaments this summer, but look for another Nintendo Night on the fall teen program calendar!

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