Outdoor Art: Crafts for Your Hair

Yesterday, 34 teens stopped by for our first outdoor craft event of the season!  (There were so many teens there that some moms thought our tent was the place to sign up for the township's playground program.  Ha!)  We made three different crafts to wear in your hair, so this was definitly a girly event.  We made nail polish painted bobby pins, beaded ponytail holders, and hair sticks.  The hairsticks were definitely the most popular, and they turned out beautifully!

Are you sad that you missed it?  Mark your calendar for Craft Closet Cleanout on August 24 from 3:00 to 5:00, when craft leftovers from the summer will reappear!  Thanks to Genni, Katie, and Christine for their help in setting up this event and keeping it running.  Extra thanks to Genni and Christine for helping clean up!

Want to make more stuff for your hair?  Check out these links:
 Craft mob!!!

 Check out our homemade hairsticks!

Happy crafters

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