Do not, I repeat, do not read this review if you have not read Mockingjay yet. There are spoilers!

I was told that the end of the epic Hunger Games series would make me hate the entire series, but it didn't. Yes, it may have canceled out Katniss' original reason for entering the games, but it was just as thrilling as the prior two. In this end, Katniss must now be the face of the war, without actually taking part of it. When she finally has the sense to take matters into her own hands, she ends up losing the reason this whole mess started - (SPOILER ALERT!)Prim. I had found this out previous to reading the book. It seems to me though that Collins was being a bit to much like J.K. Rowling. She killed off so many characters in this book! Anyway, there are plenty of moments that will have you creeped, cheering, confused, and maybe even make you cry. The thing I didn't like was how Gale pretty much fell off the face of the earth. Also, Collins acts like another author once again. You know how in New Moon Bella goes into extreme depression when Edward leaves? Well the same thing happens to Katniss when the war is over. I mean, I get that she just lost her sister and assassinated the president, but seriously, that's how your going to end a series like the Hunger Games? Also, here she goes copying J.K.R. again! Read the epilogue. It's just like the one in Harry Potter. So I'm going to be nice and say I loved the book, which I did. It's just if I was Collins, I would have given the readers a better end to a series which I, a devout Potter fanatic, thought was better than both Harry and Twilight.

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