Book Swap and Board Games Extravaganza!

Yesterday, 30 teens descended on the library program room for an afternoon of book swapping and board/card games.  I have never run this event for four hours before, but I declare it a success!  Exactly half of the people brought books to trade, and their swaps added up to 70 books.  That's a lot of new reads!  The longer time gave people room to play some time-consuming games, as well as shorter ones.  I had little candy for short games and big candy for long games, and it worked out really well.  I had to cut off some people from too many games of stuff like Uno and Connect Four, however, because they were taking all of my candy!  We had a wide variety of games in play, including Munchkin, Quelf, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Life, and Apples to Apples throughout the afternoon.  Thanks to the 20 people who stayed to play all day!!  We'll definitely do this again, probably over winter break.

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