Doctor Who Night!

Tonight, 12 fanatical teens showed up for our first-ever Doctor Who night!  I know literally nothing about Doctor Who, but some of our Teen Advisory Board members are devoted fans.  They planned a fun event, and all I had to do was bake cupcakes.  We had a costume contest, made papercraft TARDISes, watched clips of Doctor Who episodes old and new, had a cupcake-decorating contest, and worked on Jasmine's dishwasher-box TARDIS.   Kaitlyn won the costume contest, and Emily won the cupcake contest. They each got a $5 gift card to Dairy Queen.  Thanks to Jasmine, Emily, Maria, Kaitlyn, and Genni for their efforts to make this program happen!

There were a few things planned that we didn't get to do.  The laptop wasn't cooperating, but they wanted to show this video of all of the regenerations of Doctor Who.  I also found two fun trivia links:  Doctor Who Trivia Night and BBC's cult TV show quiz page.  And, we didn't get to discuss anything, such as favorite villains, favorite Doctors, or what people thought of the new season.  It makes me think we might have to do this again sometime!

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