Welcome Back

Yesterday, a not-so-sneaky teen put three big loads of books in the adult library's book drop.  An eagle-eyed librarian knew it was one of our book thieves.  I don't know if he just felt guilty, or if his parents found out, or what, but he returned most of what I had marked missing from our comic book section.  I was elated to see them return, even under such circumstances!  Some of them need some TLC (new barcodes, pockets, other fixing), but many are ready to go out right now.  Look for Vampire Knight, Bleach, Naruto, Shonen Jump magazine and more next time you are in!!  Now, if only the vampire book thieves, series book thieves, and girly fiction thieves would do something similar...

Seriously, people, you don't need to steal from the library!!  I'll let you in on a secret...the books are FREE to borrow!

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Emma said...

I love your last sentence Gretchen! It's hilarious too! Why would you steal from the library? It just doesn't make any sense!