The dystopian world of Incarceron is vast, frightening, and amazing. I came to this book first at my Scholastic(TM) book fair and then again in a reading group. It both intrigued and mystified me. There were so many question, so many ideas that actually made me think. Although the main plot was highly predictable, it was still an entertaining read. There were many mishaps the characters had to face, and they did with discretion. I would recommend anyone who is a fan of Twilight or Harry Potter to read this. This recommendation actually works because Incarceron is one of the many books that are being turned into movies to replace Twilight and Harry Potter. If you love a good romance that isn't mushy or girly, both a hero and an equally amazing heroine, read Incarceron, the only thing you'll possibly lose is your mind because so many questions will fill it!

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