Teen Toy Story Movie Marathon

Yesterday, 24 teens showed up for the Teen Advisory Board's Toy Story Movie Marathon!  Some people came late or left early, but most stayed all day.  It was so much fun to see all three movies in a row!  We did trivia (with candy for right answers) during all three movies, plus coloring, a papercraft alien, a silly Mr. Potato Head contest (photos below), and games of knock-down with army men.  And, of course, there were plentiful snacks all day long.

In the spirit of all things childish, I put together a candy guessing jar for the event.  Teens often complain to me about how unfair it is that the children's summer reading program has one on their reporting table every week, so this was their chance.  The guesses ranged from 42 to 2000...some people need to work on their estimation skills.  Zaire was the winner with his guess of 585 because the the jar actually had 621 pieces of candy in it.

Huge thanks to my son Nat, who graciously lent us his Mr. Potato Heads, army men, and all three Toy Story movies.  (Although, he was a bit puzzled about why the big kids wanted them...!)

Here are our silly potato pictures:

 by Joelene

by Kathy 

 by Hannah

 by Chelsie

by Siaka 

 by Ben

 by Nikki (Our winner of a $5 gift card to DQ for her creative use of the potato and the materials!)

 by Genni (it's a hipster!)

by Nitha 

 by Owen

by Blya

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