Blue Hair!

Last Thursday was blue hair day for me, thanks to everyone who participated in our Random-A-Thon fundraiser!  Because we raised over $1000, I got blue streaks in my hair.  OK, it's not completely crazy, but it was for me.  I have never dyed my hair any color before, let alone blue.  So, my friend Becca (who has years of wild hair dyeing behind her) went with me for moral support and picture-taking.  Here's the evidence:

Being goofy for the camera while arriving at American Mortals

 I actually had the rest of my hair dyed brown while lightening the area for the blue streaks. I figured I didn't need both blue and gray highlights!

 This is me thinking "What have I done!?" while getting ready to have the hair stripped a second time. I have never seen any shade of blonde hair on my head!

 Here is the stylist applying the blue dye.

 Waiting for the dye to process.

 Drying the hair.

Becca and me!

Finishing up the cut.

So, you can tell in that last picture that the blue dye didn't take so well.  They wanted to dye it again, but I had already been there for three hours and had to leave!  I promised to re-dye it myself, so they gave me a discount, which was really nice.  I added some blue Manic Panic dye last night, and it worked pretty well.  I'll have to take a few more pictures!

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Emma said...

Can't wait to see it in person at Book Group!