Bird Nesting Craft

On Wednesday, nine teens made bird nesting bags for their yards at our first spring program.  This is a fun and easy idea that you could do at home, even if you missed the event. 

How to do it:
1.  Take a mesh bag (like you get onions or potatoes in), and fill it with colorful bits of yarn, string, shredded paper, and/or cotton.  (You can even add hair...birds love how soft it is.) 
2.  Tie it shut.  Pull some of the bits out of the holes so the birds can grasp it easily.
3.  Hang it up on a tree or fence near your house.  (A location near a bird feeder or bird house will help you get some business.)
3.  Watch them take it to build their nests, then look around the neighborhood later to see which birds you helped!

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