It's official.  All of the Random-A-Thon money has been turned in, and we reached $1008!!!  (Nitha and Christine put us over the top this week.)  Thanks to everyone who participated:  John, Kevin, Le, Genni, Alyssa, Owen, Nikki, Kaitlyn, Judy, Christine, Elena, David, Christelle, Billy, Saranjeet, Laurel, Maranda, Nathaniel, Georgia, Matt, Anas, Arig, Emily, Colin, Teferi, Ross, Jasmine B., Katie, Jamie, Conor, Christa, and Nitha.  Congratulations to you for reaching the goal!

Our top fundraiser was Billy, who contributed $160!  Billy gets a prize basket with a $25 gift card to Borders, candy, and snacks from the Teen Advisory Board.  Runners-up are Nitha with $89 and Christine with $65.  Good job!

The winning hair color?  BLUE!

Here's how the votes broke down:
Blue:  24
Purple:  19
Rainbow: 10
Pink: 9
Burgundy: 7
Turquoise:  6
Greenish-Brown: 2
Traffic Cone Orange:  2
Pikachu Yellow: 1
Prussian Blue: 1
Green:  1
White with Black Stripes: 1
Don't Dye It: 1

Look for the new hair color sometime in the next week or so.  :)


Marissa said...

Can you keep this in till May so I can see your colored hair in person????

Gretchen said...

hmmm, we'll have to see how much i like it!