Craft Closet Cleanout

Yesterday, 15 teens showed up for Craft Closet Cleanout!  This has become a regular event around here, where people get to make random leftover projects.  Some of the crafts are from recent events, but others are ancient history.  It's a lot of fun, and everyone goes home with something.  At this event people made:
  • Painted bottle vases
  • Jean leg autograph pillows (no-sew)
  • Jean leg bolster pillows
  • Robot keychains
  • iPod cozies
  • Stacked button earrings
  • Denim dog toys
  • Necktie belts
  • Victorian valentines
  • Soda tab bracelets
That's a lot of stuff!  If you missed it, there's another CCC coming up in the beginning of June.

Look what we made!

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