Nintendo Night

Last Friday, 24 teens showed up for Nintendo Night.  We hooked up my old NES and people spent some time playing the old Super Mario games.  Of course, everyone entered the one-on-one Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament, and I tried to mix up the brackets a little bit to make it more interesting.  We ended up with a three-way final, in which Morgan and Manus beat back reigning champion David J.  It was a dramatic finish to an intense tournament!  Morgan won a $25 gift card to Game Stop for his first-place finish, while Manus had to settle for the $10 second prize.

Something new for this event was our attempt at a Pokemon Stadium 2 tournament.  Since this was an old game, we didn't want people to have to use their own Pokemon.  So, the idea was that everyone would pick a team from stock Pokemon and then they would do two-on-two battles.  However, picking the teams took FOREVER and we didn't even get halfway through the bracket during Nintendo Night.  We'll be spending some time at Monday gaming club meetings to finish it up! 

Look for more gaming events on the spring schedule, including a Pokemon Black and White tournament, a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament, and another Nintendo Night.

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