iPod Party

Last Wednesday, 17 teens came by after school for our first-ever iPod event!  Actually, any mp3 player or phone was welcome, so no one was excluded.  About half the people who came didn't even bring any music; they just wanted to listen!  Everyone had the opportunity to play three songs of their choice over the speakers during the program, and we heard a variety of genres and decades of music. 

While listening, people did some playlist games and made some crafts.  The most popular playlist game involved putting the iPod on random, asking a question, pressing "next," and taking that song title as the answer.  It was way more fun than asking a magic eight ball...some of the answers were really hilarious!  We also made personalized iPod cozies out of felt and decorated them with ribbon and puffy paint.  (It was modified from this cute idea for a Toaster Pastry iPod Cozy.)  I also had out the duct tape, so a lot of random stuff got made.

This event was suggested by TAB member Laurel...I never would have thought of it myself!  Thanks to my husband for figuring out how to make his Zune speakers work with any mp3 player and to Teferi for testing it out before the program.  We'll definitely do it again sometime.  It was fun to hear everyone's music!

Playlist games

Some of the craft projects 

This was the most beautiful iPod cozy! 

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