String Painting

Today, 19 people stopped by our teen drop-in craft. That's one more than last week, and just enough to use all the supplies we had! This week's craft was string painting on wooden plaques and birdhouses (donated by Genni's Girl Scout troop). We used glitter paint so they would look extra cool. Once the paint dried, I sprayed them with a waterproof acrylic. We also made some improvements in our set-up this week...we used the library's canopy tent! It provided a lot of shade and no one got sunburned.

The early birds got the birdhouses!


Finished projects


marthaspace91 said...

Gretchen, I think you mean *SPLATTER* painting. I got yelled at like twice for not splattering.

katie said...

oh and btw, that was me who just posted that last comment.

Anonymous said...

that was so much fun