Board Game Blast

Yesterday, 27 teens showed up for our summer Board Game Blast event. All I did was provide snacks and prizes, and everyone amused themselves for 2 hours! I put out some of the library's games, but a lot of people brought their own and we had a good variety. People orgainzed themselves into groups to play everything from chess and Scrabble to mancala and Clue. I gave a box of movie candy to the winner of each game played, as long as the group followed the rules and the person won by playing the game until the end. (Winners of two-player games could only get candy for their first win.) I also did a drawing for a free board game, which included everyone's names. We will definitely do this again!

Pokemon Monopoly...who knew?!

Chess is a (mostly) serious game...

Trying to pick a winner in Apples to Apples.

They're not usually this focused!


martha said...

Wow, we all look really deep in thought in that last picture!

David J. said...

Pretty fun. Definately need another one soon.