Scratch-Painted CD Magnets

Last Wednesday's outdoor teen craft was Scratch-Painted CD Magnets, and 19 people dropped by to make one. Genni found the scratch-painting idea online, then we added the magnet to make it more exciting. Basically, everyone painted the shiny side of the CD with acrylic paint. When it dried, they used pencils and paper clips to scratch a design into the paint so the shiny part would show. Then, I glued on two magnets to each one. They will look great in your lockers when it's time to go back to school! Don't worry if you missed it, though, because it will be available at Craft Closet Cleanout on August 12 (3:00 to 5:00 pm).

Next week, August 5, is our final outdoor craft. We're going to do that science experiment where you make your own ice cream in plastic bags!

Meanwhile, here are some pictures from the scratch-painting project:

Painting the CDs.

It took intense concentration.

Some finished products, stuck on our tent pole!

Some teens with their finished products.

We had bonus snacks this week because I had tons of leftover watermelon from Ben's birthday party!


Kathleen said...

A great idea! I was linked to your blog from the EZ Program site and I'm totally inspired! Great teen programs, all around!
-Kathleen, youth librarian at the Vaughan Public Library, Ontario (Canada)

katie said...

Beautiful! Sorry I wasn't there. I'll definately do the craft at CCC.

Laura said...

This is such a good idea! I'm totally doing this with teens in our area. :) (I also loved the tie-dyed shoelaces and the project runway with the garbage bags). you're a genius!

Gretchen said...

wow! we have a fan club! thanks kathleen and laura.

idk about that "genius" label...my thought process is more like, hmmm which craft projects are cheap and easy? therefore, they are totally do-able, so you shouldn't have any problems if you try them! and that project runway idea was sparked by something in the summer reading manual, so i definitely can't take full credit for it.