Bubble Painting

Last Wednesday's outdoor craft was bubble painted wrapping paper, and 21 teens dropped by to do the activity. To do bubble painting, you mix bubble solution with tempra paint in a small cup or bowl, then blow into it with a straw until bubbles spill over the sides and onto your paper. When they pop, the bubbles leave interesting imprints. We did the project using 30" x 36" pieces of white art paper, and people used multiple colors to create really cute designs. It was a lot of fun, but really messy!

Drop by next Wednesday between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to make a pair of tie-dyed shoelaces!!

Mixing the paint and bubble solution.

Getting ready to paint.

She went crazy with blue bubbles!

Adding another color.

A finished product.

Unexpected consequences...


Laura said...

We did this at our library once and it was a HUGE mess, but tons of fun!! Doing it outside was a good call. :)

katie said...

I want to see that pic of Martha where she is covered in paint or whatever. It sounds like an rotfloling pic!