Bottled Messages

On Wednesday, 18 teens dropped in to make a Message in a Bottle, the first craft in our six-week Outdoor Art offerings. Everyone was able to write a letter, then put it and some fun thematic elements in the bottle. We had different "recipies" like The American (patriotic glitter, sequin stars, and a flag), The Gardener (flowers, Easter grass, and seed beads), and The Romantic (rose petals, wedding confetti, and lace). After completing the bottle, all you have to do is glue on the lid, slap on an address label, and take it to the Post Office!

Want to send something else strange through the mail? I've heard of people mailing stuffed animals, containers of animal crackers, and even car tires! Check out this article from Improbable Research for even more crazy ideas.

Genni, Nikhila, Christine, Kaitlyn, and Katie E. made an additional bottle to send to Governor Rendell to advocate for libraries during the current budget craziness. They wrote letters with five reasons to love libraries, then filled the bottle with foam hands and beads. I took the bottles down to the Post Office on Thursday morning, and they cost just $1.39 each to mail. The postal worker was a bit confused but willingly sent them! I purchased delivery confirmation for one bottle, so we'll see if/when they arrive.

The five bottles I mailed to Harrisburg.


Margie said...

Great idea. Let me know if they arrived.

Gretchen said...

Our bottles arrived on Monday, July 6!