A few months ago, I walked into a Borders Express mall store, and had a good laugh over the Twlight packaging on movie-size boxes of Sweetarts. They had three collectable designs! I could swoon over their gorgeous faces while stuffing my own!!

Twilight merchandising may have jumped the shark with that one, but this article in the Wall Street Journal confirmed what I noticed as far as merchandising. Borders is really trying to increase its teen appeal, and is rearranging its stores to devote more space for teen materials. Why? Because you buy stuff. Teen fiction is one of the few areas of the publishing industry that is doing well. And they are not just putting books in those new teen areas.

From the article: "We want this to be about more than just the book," said Kathryn Popoff, vice president of merchandising/trade books at Borders, based in Ann Arbor, Mich. Yes. They want it to be about making money off of teens. Beware! Better hang out at the library instead. We <3 free.


Nitha said...


but i cant help going to boarders...me <3 books...(to keep)

Gretchen said...

i saw twilight band-aids at suncoast video today. seriously?!!?