Our First Accessory Swap

On Wednesday, we held our first-ever accessory swap! It was just like a book swap, only with fashionable items to trade around. About 35 things were swapped by 13 attendees, including sunglasses, earrings, scarves, belts, necklaces, purses, (new) tights, bracelets, and pins. During the program, we watched Bringing Up Baby, as well as clips from other movies that were nominated for Oscars in the costume design category. Bringing Up Baby is a black-and-white comedy from 1938 that features Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant, a leopard, and some great clothes! Everyone enjoyed it, even though it isn't the kind of movie we usually watch at teen programs. We will definitely do another accessory swap, and it will probably be scheduled during winter break. Look for it on the next teen schedule!

1 comment:

Nitha said...

i liked watching "bringing up baby"
it was a cute movie.
and now i can say i've watched a katharine hepburn movie before...