Nintendo Night

Last Friday, 25 people came out for our winter Nintendo Night! There were a lot of familiar faces, as well as some new ones. And huge thanks to Rachel for bringing in her Wii. Eight people entered the Pokemon tournament for Diamond and Pearl on DS, and Maher got a $10 gift card to GameStop for winning. Twenty-four people entered the Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament. The top two from every round moved on until we had the final four. Mike won a $20 GameStop gift card for his win in the final. The top six finishers (Sean, Val, Maher, Rachel, David, and Mike) also got cups of candy. Other people had fun playing their own DS games or playing Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. on my old NES. It was a really great event, and we will do it again in June!

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MasterLinkDJ said...

Maher was a good sport about winning under the conditions. One of my pokemon had turned into a bad egg in the finals, so I suggested he not use his same pokemon to be fair. Whaddya know, he won anyway. Good job Maher.