Lubar Was Here!

Tonight, a record-breaking 54 people came to our library to meet author David Lubar! It was really cool. We kept having to get out more chairs, and everyone was crowding around the table to buy books! There were a lot of different people there, including book group members, parents, teachers from several UD schools, students who wanted extra credit, and others who were just curious. There were people who use our library regularly and people I've never seen before!

David (who teased me for calling him Mr. Lubar) talked for about 1/2 hour about all kinds of things. We all knew he was an author, but we learned that math actually helped him be a writer. And that his philosophy degree helped him design video games. And that weird "what if" questions are central to his writing. His presentation was offbeat and a lot of fun. He hardly talked about his books at all until the Q&A part of the evening. Of course, then we talked about why his short story books all have "weenies" in the title. We learned that his future books include another "weenies" book, three books in a creepy new series, and another young adult title.

Thanks to the staff at Children's Book World for doing book sales, and to library page Nate who moved so much furniture. Thanks to Delaware County and Margie Stern who brought David to our library. And, of course, huge thanks to David Lubar for being awesome!

An action shot

What a great audience!

My brush with fame.

A smiling, but unwilling, victim of my photo frenzy.

Talking with David Lubar.

Everyone wanted to get books signed...

...even these teachers from BH!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I love the pictures!!!!

Kaitlyn Barney said...

I finally read Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie!!! It was amazing!!! I lent it to one of my friends, and I already have a line of people who want to read it at school!!!