Leap Day!

Last night, 25 people showed up for our Leap Day celebration! We did a lot of random things, like filling out Leap Day Mad-Libs, making and racing origami frogs, designing paper Leap Day t-shirts, taking a trivia quiz, learning a Charleston-style dance to Jump, Jive, and Wail, and writing notes to our future selves in 2012. People won prizes that had to do with hopping or jumping, such as Honey Smacks, tricky triangle puzzles (where you jump the pegs to get rid of them), frog keychains, and chomping teeth wind-up toys. It was hilarious. I hope everyone had fun, because we won't get to do it for another four years!


masterlinkdj said...

I had some fun there. Too bad my oragami frog wouldn't go forward in the race on the carpet (I couldn't get it back to the start line). Oddly though, it would go forward on the tables when I was practicing.

Only negative thing about the event I can remember is that there were a bunch of chatty kids attending, so the common phrase of the night was "Shhh!"


Gretchen said...

we did have a lot of chatty middle school kids there. in the past, i've had high school teens request separate events because they get tired of middle school behaviors like talking!!

and i also want to say that your frog issues were hilarious!

katie said...

Sorry Gretch that I couldn't make it:( Will you have another leap day party in 2012?

Katie E.

Gretchen said...

of course!

katie said...