SP Night!

Last night, we had our second Gameboy SP event. There were 18 teens there, with 14 participating in our Pokemon tournament, 2 just hanging out, and 2 judging. The best part? We had 4 girls there (a record!), and 2 made it to the semi-finals in the tournament. The final match, though, was between Greg and Shawn. It was close, but Shawn was victorious and won a $10 gift card to GameStop.

Huge thanks to Rachel for providing her GameCube and the new Pokemon XD game for arena battles in the semi-final and final rounds. It was so cool for everyone to see the battles on the big screen! Also, thanks to Will for managing the tournament and providing a Pokemon egg to the winner. Maria and Will both also deserve thanks for helping me set up.

We will probably do another Pokemon event this summer, so check the schedule!

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