Anti-Valentine's Day Websites

Anti-Valentine's Day sentiments are alive and well on the internet. Here are some choice websites for those opposed to the wuvvy-snookums atmosphere of the season.

Yup, these are candy hearts with negative messages on them, such as "Parole Is Up!" and "Reject Pile". Choose the "Dejected" set or the "Dysfunctional" set...or order both!

CafePress Anti-Valentine's Day Merch
There are pages and pages of products expressing hatred at CafePress! That's where I got my Anti-Valentine's shirt for the party, as well as the buttons we gave out for prizes. (Just a note of caution: some of the shirts may be offensive.)

Anti-Valentine's Day Cards from Yahoo
Anti-Valentine's Day Cards from MSN
Anti-Valentine's Day Cards from Yahoo Australia
Send a friend an ecard to celebrate your lack of celebrating!

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