Book Review: Marly's Ghost

Marly's Ghost by David Levithan

SUMMARY: Ben is dealing with just about the hardest thing you can think of. His girlfriend Marly has died. A life that was once filled with love and vibrancy is now gray and meaningless. When Marly and several other ghosts come back to haunt him on Valentine’s Day, Ben takes a painful journey through Valentine’s Days past, present, and future, and is forced to acknowledge that his current state of agony is not only distancing him from his friends but dishonoring the memory of Marly. Two of children’s literature’s brightest stars have teamed up to provide both a compelling novel about loss and an exciting and modern twist on an enduring Dickens classic. (from the publisher)

OPINION: This book is a cross between Christmas and Valentine's Day...perfect for winter reading. By recasting the characters from A Christmas Carol, Levithan creates a whole new spin on a familiar story. The man definitely has an imagination. Who else would make Marly into a dead girlfriend, Fezziwig into a rambunctious art student, and Tiny and Tim into a gay couple!? You know the basic plot (and can probably figure out the ending), but this book is a fun read because of the Valentine's Day twist.

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