Urban Legend #3 by Katie and Lisa

Perpetrator: postal worker
Victim: nerdy computer whiz
Object: car
Location: fast food restaurant

Warning! Warning! Beware of a fast food restaurant haunted by a nerdy computer whiz kid! A postal worker got hungry on her way home from work. But on her way to the restaurant, she hit a dog. The dog surprisingly survived and ran away, revealing a boy passed out in the middle of the street. The postal worker got scared, thinking that she killed him, but he really had just passed out after seeing the dog getting hit. She then loaded him in the trunk of her car and drove off. She was still so hungry that she made a quick turn into the drive thru. Instead, she drove into a window, killing herself and the nerdy boy. I gues you could say she's not hungry any more. Now, as legend has it, the nerdy kid haunts the fast food restaurant because he was headed there before he died.

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