Book Review: From Charlie's Point of View

From Charlie's Point of View by Richard Scrimger

SUMMARY: Charlie Fairmile’s dad has been accused of bank robbery. Charlie knows his dad isn’t guilty, but the police are convinced he’s the Stocking Bandit. So Charlie has to find the real criminal—and fast. With the help of his best friends and his guardian angel, Charlie sets out to solve the mystery. Who knew that would mean crawling through a bug-infested crypt? Well, what you can’t see can’t hurt you, right? But can a blind teenager unravel a crime even the police can't solve? (from the inside flap)

OPINION: This is another book from the fabulous Sleuth imprint that has brought you other great teen mystery titles like Fake ID by Walter Sorrells and Double Helix by Nancy Werlin. You might think that a book about a blind teen detective would devolve into trite drivel about living with a handicap. And it very easily could. But not this one! Charlie's guide through the neighborhood and at school is Bernadette, a smart-mouthed tough girl whose only soft spot is for Charlie. Charlie himself is self-assured and creative in trying to solve the mystery of the Stocking Bandit. The book is full of humor and bizarre situations, even a bit of supernatural help at crucial moments. And the end is truely surprising.

BEST QUOTE: "Lewis can't help thinking of al the horror movies where the two stars and their friend do something dangerous, and the friend gets it. Happens every time. And, he thinks, that one--the third friend--is me. The more he thinks of it, the more convinced he becomes. This is not The Three Musketeers after all--it's a teen horror flick. Charlie is tall and handsome, real star material. And he's blind, for crying out loud. They'll never kill him. Bernadette isn't a beauty...but she's smart and determined and Charlie's best friend. She's safe, too. No, thinks Lewis, I'm the third friend. Zombie bait."

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