Book Review: Feed

Feed by M. T. Anderson

SUMMARY: Imagine a society dominated by the feed--a next-generation Internet/television hybrid that is directly hardwired into the brain. Teen narrator Titus never questions his world, in which parents select their babies' attributes in the conceptionarium, corporations dominate the information stream, and kids learn to employ the feed more efficiently in School. But everything changes when he and his pals travel to the moon for spring break. There Titus meets home-schooled Violet, who thinks for herself, searches out news and asserts that "Everything we've grown up with the stories on the feed, the games, all of that it's all streamlining our personalities so we're easier to sell to." Titus's greatest strength lies in his denial of and uncomfortable awakening to the truth. This satire offers a thought-provoking and scathing indictment that may prod readers to examine the more sinister possibilities of corporate- and media-dominated culture. (adapted from the Publishers Weekly review)

OPINION: This book is dystopian fiction at its best! If you like books like The Bar Code Tattoo and 1984, or movies like I, Robot or Minority Report, this book is for you. The idea of having advertising bombarding your brain every minute is really creepy. Actually, what really made me shiver was role of School. When the government was no longer able to fund public schools, the corporations took over education to teach feed users to become better consumers. Scary! Think about how much advertising is already a part of your school life. Anyway, this book is very well written (better than The Bar Code Tattoo...sorry) and worth the time it takes to get into the mind of a future generation.

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