Book Review: Doormat

Doormat by Kelly McWilliams

SUMMARY: Fourteen-year-old Jaime is used to her best friend, Melissa, being the center of attention. Melissa wants to be a model—she’s beautiful, popular, and talented. There’s just one small problem—Melissa thinks she’s pregnant, and she wants Jaime’s help. But there’s not much Jaime can do. Melissa refuses to tell her parents; Jaime refuses to be the same old reliable doormat. She’s got a lead in the school play and a new friendship with Zach. Jaime is changing, too. And she’s sick of being stepped on! (from the inside flap)

OPINION: This story is told in a series of short first-person vignettes, each with an eye-catching, vertically arranged title. It is very short--I read the book in an hour. The story moves quickly and is fairly believable. One thing I love about the book: both girls are in the school play, which is "The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds" by Paul Zindel, one of my favorite YA authors ever. What makes this book striking is that it was written by a 15-year-old! Really. She goes to high school in Arizona. It's a better book than I could write, so I can't really criticise her!

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