Urban Legend #1 by Caitlin and Jeff

Perpetrator: cop who doesn't play by the rules
Victim: single mother
Object: credit card
Location: highway

On August 14, 1987, a cop pulled over a woman for speeding on the highway. The victim was a Ms. Shirley Parker from West Banks, Oregon, a single mother of three. The cop took her wallet, claiming to be searching for her license and registration, and "accidentally" confiscated her Visa card instead of her license. The woman called her credit card company as soon as she found out, and they revealed that her account was accessed by an Officer Roger Steele. Apparently, he had done the same thing to at least five other women on the highway in such diverse states as California, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, and Kansas. If you live anywhere in the west, e-mail this to five friends. Officer Steele may be been caught, but there are others out there willing to take money from victims like you!!! Do your part. Keep the west informed.

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