Book Review: I Hunt Killers

I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga
Review by Elena

This book was released in April 2012.  Request a copy through the library catalog!

Need a new book to read? Pick out the latest story from Barry Lyga, called I Hunt Killers! This is a very unique but fearsome story. The plot revolves around 16 year-old Jasper Dent, whose father recently went to jail for having committed 122 murderers in his lifetime. Worried about becoming a killer like his father, Jasper goes on a mission to track down a new serial killer who has popped up in his town. Jasper is the only person with the knowledge to hunt this killer, who is mimicking all of his father’s killings. He also believes that finding the killer would prove to himself that he is not a murderer like his father. Once the story comes to a close, a happy ending arrives, but an even bigger twist unfolds.

After reading this book, I would say it is great for those who enjoy horror, murder, or mystery stories. The story is mostly about the killings Jasper’s dad committed, so the details are very gruesome and startling. The book contains a good amount of imagery that is scary and disturbing for most people. For this reason, I would only recommend this book to that in high school and up who can handle reading scary stories. This is not a book for the younger readers, for it contains some inappropriate material as well. Overall, I thought the book was unlike one I had ever read, but even frightened me several times. For me, several parts were very terrifying, but the story in general was interesting.

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