Bake Sale Report

Thanks to our Teen Advisory Board, their parents, and library staff, we had a pretty good bake sale yesterday!  We had tons of delicious food, as well as sodas and water.  Since I had a family emergency last weekend when we were supposed to have the event, I am really grateful for everyone's flexibility and helpfulness!  I haven't counted all of the small change yet, but we made $122 in bills and quarters, plus a $50 donation.  Yeah!

Thanks to everyone who took a turn at the table:  Katie, Genni, Grace, Anas, Arig, Marissa, Jasmine, and Laurel.  Thanks also to everyone who contributed food and drinks:  Katie, Genni, Grace, Arig, Anas, Kim, Nikki, Billy, Marissa, Laurel, and me.  And a special thanks to library staff Mrs. Kosha and Mrs. Mock for each adding cookies to our sale!!

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