TAB Graduation Party

Our Teen Advisory Board (TAB) had our final meeting of the school year on May 19.  We celebrated our four graduates and selected two new members for next school year!  We were also happy to have former TAB grads Nitha and Arwa as special guests.   Emily, Anas, and Jasmine will be graduating from Upper Darby and Katie will be graduating from home school.  All of them are college bound next year, and we will really miss them!  The TAB gave them each a present and a card, and we had cake.  I also make a photo album for each grad with pictures from library programs over the years.  It's so funny to see how people change!  Later, we looked at our spring applications for membership and selected Alex and Yasmine to be new members.  The TAB will be taking applications again in the fall, so look for those in August if you are interested.

Ice cream cake!

Most of the 2011-2012 TAB


The memories live on...!!!

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