Book Review: Burn Mark

Burn Mark by Laura Powell
Review by Saranjeet

**This book will be released on June 19, 2012.**

I recently read Burn Mark by Laura Powell.  It gives a new perspective of witches and how they become the way that they do.  The beginning of the book starts off great, with Glory dreaming about the Burning Court and Lucas actually attending it.  These events really help out the reader because it gives details about what life is like for someone who worships the Fae and someone who doesn't.  Not only that, but it immediately grasps the reader.  Also, the gangs, the poice, and the mob really fit into the story nicely, and make it even better.  But, as the story progresses, certain parts become weak.  For example, Glory's father, Patrick, doesn't really play any important role and doesn't seem to affect any of Glory's actions.  Since Glory lives in a dangerous society, I would expect her father to be more strict or overprotective of her.  Also, Glory and Lucas's relationship seems to be astray, and at the end of the book the reader can't really make a decision whether it is a friendship or something more.  The ending of this book gave off the feeling of a second book, which I will excitedly hope for.

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